Montag, 23. März 2020

Early 2020 some of my works were displayed in a cute little exhibition house in my town. 

A week before I this happened I had felt like joining the a little group of artists who organize themselves in a registered society. It felt a bit like being part of some Midsomer Murders episode to be honest and this might have been something I actually enjoyed. Nobody was murdered though! 
I e-mailed two members of the club that I wanted to join, payed the yearly fee and a few days later I held the key to their exhibition housy in my hand. I was very lucky that for the next four weeks there was no other artist booked to exhibit anything in the little house.
After one of the club founders showed me the house (like where the power switch was and which kind of equipment I could use too) my brain started working and I wanted to get started!

In one day I put together what I wanted to show. It was really easy to do so actually and I kinda felt that I had trained for this opportunity my whole life :-) If you follow me on Instagram you know this. (If not please feel free to do so:

So this afternoon in January I went shopping for design elements in my house. I grabbed the old willow chair I got from my mum, my favorite laundry basket, some big fabrics to fake the white brick wall and of course quilts, quilt tops, little wall hangings, notions and books.

We put the goods in our cars, thankfully Stefan has a van, and drove downtown twice. Then I set up the small house like a room in our house.  A space where I could imagine to sit and sew. 

A highlight for me was the fake cat I put on the old armchair. It looked so real that we feared some animal friends could break into the glass to free it, hehe.

The whole set up looked so pretty to me. I felt like moving in almost :-) 

The hard part, at the end of this day, was to leave all my treasures in this house unattended. My heart ached actually. But I also wanted to share and show them so it had to be. And showing and sharing what I created was the fun part. 

Here are some photos of the exhibition house:

A lot of people talked to me about the exhibition and we had some nice chats about the patterns, fabrics, the web and its impact on the crafting community. Some people shared what kind of crafts they do and we agreed that creating is a nice thing to engage in. 

There was also a little tiny article in our local newspaper. 

Showing the peeps here in town what I do was a nice experience. But, actually, afterwards I was glad all my treasures were back where they belong. 

There will be a craft and art exhibition here in town in autumn - maybe. I might participate and take some huge and small works with me. Currently I am preparing to participate and while I always work on big projects this time I also craft  a few small things people might want to take as give aways are pieces of art. 

We will see :-)

Dienstag, 3. März 2020

Sew alongs are so fun – My love for clothlines - BOMs

I am a huge Sarah Fielke fan. I am loving her BOMs and sew alongs.
I bought a Sarah Fielke Patchwork book back in 2011 and love her quilts, patterns and fabric choices ever since. Later I found out she is a great teacher, she is patient and funny  and a lovely person to write with.
When my friend and quilting partner in crime Andrea participated in Sarahs BOM 2018 called Down the rabbit hole I wanted to be part of one of these BOMs too.
So I started Coming Home in January 2019 and worked on it until early 2020. You can get all the info on the pattern on  
I shared my journey with my version of the quilt on

And, hey, if you want to show my Coming Home Quilt some love -  it is in the yearly Quilt competition - please hop over to
Mine is no. 21 :-D


During the course of 2019 Sarah also published another pattern for a 4 months program called Windy Washday and I had to make this cute wall hanging right away.
In Europe people hang their laundry outside when ever possible, I would say. When I was a kid my grandma had these classic loooong clothes lines in her garden. The two clothlines were made of painted iron poles with plastic strings attached which stood alongside the beds next to the garden trail. She had all kinds of salads, cabbage, herbs, beans, potatoes, strawberries and red currants in her garden as well as colourful rows of snapdragons and other flowers. In my minds eye I can see my grandma hanging the laundry on the clotheslines in her clearly structured garden. My grandma is rather tiny so she had to tiptoe to put the clothespins on either side of the shirts. One thing that was always really important to her was that the pieces hung properly or in some kind of order so the neighbors would approve too if they would happen to look over the fence.
I sure had to make this wall hanging!
Here is my version of the Windy Washday wall hanging quilt.

And I am loving it. It lives in my laundry room now.

Montag, 2. März 2020

In summer I had a reporter come to my house and we chatted for two hours.
I wanted to share my story and my love for quilting. The main reason I wanted
to have an article in our local newspaper was to be able to show it to my mum and
grandma because they are not too familiar with the things I do online.
And the article was printed in our local newspaper when we where on holiday but
friends sent me a copy on my phone.

It is also available online and you can read it here:

I am delighted to have a logo now which is very me :-)

When I am teaching I hand out little idea books with this logo on, you can find it on
the parcel when you buy a quilt from me and so on. Isn´t it the sweetest?

It shows my house, my furry quilting companion and me with notions in my hand.

My balcony is a very nice place to hand quilts and photograph them in the sunlight.

Montag, 15. Juli 2019

I haven‘t written a post on my blog for years already.
Instead of writing blog posts I rather like to sew.
If you want to connect with me or see my works,
please hop over to Instagram / whitetimbercottage
I post on a daily basis.
You may also see my works there. I tag them with
 #carolinesquilts to show them in different stages and lateron
with the hashtag  #carolinesquiltsadvert when they are complete 😊

Have a great day! 😄

Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

The double Sliced Layer Cake blog. American Banner Rose Layer Cake.

This is the next quilt in cowboy colours ;-) I used a Layer Cake called American Banner Rose I ordered at Missouri Star Quilt Company. I initially made the quilt for a friend who likes to travel to the US and is something like USA addicted, but during the process the piece got much to expensive so I HAD to decide that I had to gift her something else.
And I am very glad I had a nice answer from the universe on this decision because I sold the finished quilt to my sisters mother-in-law who fell in love with it. And my sister and her family were soo happy they had a present for a special birthday for her.

This quilt was the last I made before I got my new sewing machine :-)

I added a border in bright blue with red spray roses. Westfalen fabric. The back of this quilt is a dark navy fabric with white stars. Westfalen fabric again. The bias binding is bright blue.
The quilting is stitch in the ditch. And because I got my new sewing machine, a Janome Horizon, I added some nice star stitchings and other nice stitches the machine offers.

I will add the photo asap.
The small cowboy quilt

When I saw Jenny Doans hour glass blocks I had to give them a try.
There where some red and blue fabrics I bought at in my sewing room I wanted to use for it.  Also I included a special red and white fabric which I got from my sisters mother-in-law. She was the heir of an old house together with others and found this vintage bed cloths. She thought of me and asked me if I wanted the fabric. The measurements where really special and I guess this bed cloths may have been stuffed with straw or hay in former times to keed some person warm. It took some bravery to cut into this lovely heavy cotton fabric.

The red and white fabric in this second picture is the vintage one.
While I was putting together the hour glasses I read a blog post from somebody who said her grandmother especially liked quilts in cowboy colours which where red, white and blue so the idea was born to call it cowboy quilt.
After I knew how to do bias binding I wanted to try something different and came across a tutorial on 'continuous praerie points'  on youtube and I really loved the ladies' accent. I guess she said something like "I reckon you can do this on your one".  Again, this was perfect for the cowboy quilty.
When I did this outer border I burned my fingers several times with my iron but it turned out really nice.

The back of the quilt is made from pieces of two of my favorite seerzucker bed cloths I kept for quilt backs. So her we go.

Meanwhile I trained some free motion quilting on this quilty but I haven´t made a photo yet.
We already use the quilt even though it is not ready yet. I guess I will finish the quilting soon.

Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

I have a dream! - A Janome Horizon -

I would love to have a new sewing machine with a bigger throut, more stich programs, needle up and down position selection and so forth.

For a long time I used my mothers sewing machine. At that time I only made small things like shortening trousers, repairing cloths a.s.o.

Then I took this quilting class and really got into patchworking.

When my mum wanted to have her machine back, it was a cheap one from Aldi by the way, 
I bought a Pfaff Hobby 1132 for 400 Euros at Amazon as I thought, patchworkers sew straight lines. Yes, I was so wrong at that time.

While I made good progress with new projects and really had the patchwork virus I had to realise that I bought the wrong machine. I should have contacted a shop which offers service and consultation  before buying a machine.

I did so some weeks ago. I had heard about the Florin family from several sewing people and phoned them to ask for a free motion foot for my Pfaff Hobby machine. He, Mr. Florin, was so gentle and he knows his business well. He recommended to use a Janome free stitching foot on my machine, as there was none available for my model. And so we made contact and a deal.

Then, when I finished my sampler quilt recently and when I looked at it from a distance I realised that it was better to do the quilting, even if it was stitching in the ditch, with a walking foot.
Problem: One cannot put a walking foot on my Pfaff. Duh!

As I had made contact with the Florin family now I asked for an appointment in there shop and when Mrs. Florin asked me on the phone for me requirements she had an idea right away which machine would suit me. She told me to bring some pieces and some fabrics or quilt sandwiches to the shop so I could try some techniques.

Me and Birgit (Stoff Natur Werkstatt at went there.

They have a love shop. Mrs. Florin was so kind to let me sew for two hours on the Janome Memory Craft 8200. We tried free motion quilting, stitched letters, numbers and decorative flowery quilting stitches. We put on different feet, sew a zipper, made buttonholes etc etc. And we had a good time chatting, drinking good coffee and eating chocolate. It was so nice.

She also let me try out a Singer and another Pfaff, but I was already in love with the Janome.
The only problem is that I need to wait for some time to get the money together.
But, Janome you will be mine soon!

I like the Memory Craft 8200 better than the 6600 or 7700 because it has a free arm, as I need to sew patches on my kids Jeans, which is not possible with these.